Agricultural products



Vietnam has a high competencies in producing and exporting agricultural products. This is reflected in Vietnam’s current position as and agro-exporting leader in many items. Every year Vietnam exports more than USD 35 billion of agricultural commodities in value. At the same time, a large volume of agricultural products are imported to serve export processing industries, like animal feeds for seafoods export, cotton for garment export, timbers for wooden furniture export.




As a developing country, Vietnam has a huge energy demand to fuel consumption and production. With limited domestic supplies, all of the main energy sources such as crude oil, gas and coal need to be imported. However, a limited amount of domestic crude oil and high quality coal are still allowed to be exported.





Many industries in Vietnam such as steel, garment, shoemaking, wood processing, etc. are using imported materials while others are taking advantage of cheap domestic resources such as cement, clinker, some ores, etc. to reap high export value.