As a developing country, Vietnam has a huge energy demand to fuel consumption and production. With limited domestic supplies, all of the main energy sources such as crude oil, gas and coal need to be imported. 



Initially an exporter, Vietnam has rapidly reversed the situation to become a big importer of coal with the operation of many thermal power plants from 2010 to 2030. Coal import growth rate reached more than 100% per year. Tonnage for coal import will touch 150 million tons in 2030, bringing coal to be the largest commodities being imported/ exported in Vietnam in terms of quantity scale. Main end-users of coal in Vietnam are: electricity, cement, steel, fertilizer, paper, food.

A&A Commodities is the pioneer and leading company in the imported coal business in Vietnam. On the supplying side, we are local agent for numbers of reputable energy groups in the world, both traders and mine owners. In terms of distribution, we are selling to traders, stockiest, end users and investors of big projects, via normal contract and tenders.

A&A Commodities are trading the following categories of coal:

1)   Thermal coal

1.   Sub-bituminous, bituminous

2.   Anthracite, semi-anthracite

3.   PCI 

2)   Coke

1.   Metallurgical coke

2.   Petroleum coke

3)   Coking coal