Agricultural products

Vietnam has a high competencies in producing and exporting agricultural products. This is reflected in Vietnam’s current position as and agro-exporting leader in many items. Every year Vietnam exports more than USD 45 billion of agricultural commodities in value. At the same time, a large volume of agricultural products are imported to serve export processing industries, like animal feeds for seafoods export, cotton for garment export, timbers for wooden furniture export.


1. Rice

With yearly export volume of 7-8 million tons, Vietnam has always stayed in top 3 largest exporter of rice for the last 10 years. Vietnamese rice has relatively low price and is especially competitive in China, Southeast Asia and Africa markets, compared to rice from other origins.

Main rice items that A&A Commodities are doing:

1)   Long grain, medium grain white rice 5%, 15%, 25%, 100% broken.

2)   Fragrant rice: Jasmine, OM4900, KDM, Nang Hoa, VD20, ST, …

3)   Glutinous rice (both An Giang and Long An origin): 10%, 100% broken

4)   Brown rice 5% broken

5)   Parboiled rice

The main markets of us for exporting Vietnamese rice include:

1)   China

2)   South East Asia: Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore

3)   Africa: Ghana, Ivory Coast, Madagascar, Benin, Cameroon, Mozambique, etc.

A&A Commodities is now among the top 2 rice export agents in Vietnam, having good and long term partnerships with more than 100 Vietnam rice suppliers and 60 rice importers from the region and over the world. As a major player in the market, we are capable of conducting deals at the best prices possible. We also enforce a rigorous system to control quality and quantity transacted via A&A Commodities.

2. Tapioca

Each year Vietnam exports more than 4 million tons of tapioca in all types, mostly tapioca starch and tapioca chips, each occupies about 50%. Most of the cargoes are exported to China.

We are agent of many producers with many brands. Our main markets include China, India, ASEAN.

3. Rubber

Same as rice, tapioca, Vietnam is one of countries with highest rubber yield and rubber yield per ha. Each year Vietnam imports about USD 1 billion of natural rubber, synthetic rubber and export USD 2 billion of natural rubber, mixed rubber.

A&A Commodities is the agent of natural rubber, synthetic rubber and mixed rubber. Our partners are either from Chinese speaking countries (China, Taiwan) and English speaking ones.

4. Textile and garment

Vietnam is among top 3 largest exporter of garment products, with value of USD 40 billions up to 2018, of which USD 6 billion was fibre, yarns and fabric. In the same time we imported USD 15 billion of fabric and USD 2 billion of cottons. Vietnam is the largest importer of cotton in the world.

A&A Commodities is focused on items like cotton, fibre import and export from Vietnam.

5. Wood

Same as garment, Vietnam is the world manufacturing workshop for wooden furniture. During 2018, Vietnam exported USD 10 billion, imported USD 2 billion of wood and wooden products/ furniture, used about 40 million cubic meter of raw wood, of which 15 million cubic meter imported. The compound grown rate of raw wood import is about 7-10%, wooden products is 30 – 50% yearly.

We are active agent in imported woods (logs, lumbers), and wooden products like wood boards (finger jointed boards, plywood, MDF), wooden pellets, charcoal, wood chips.